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As a host you will be required to post an original picture on your scheduled date along with the content we require in your caption (will vary by tour). We also ask that on the day of your tour you have a link to the book (we will provide the link and depending on the book it may be an Amazon affiliated link) in your profile. Your post should be posted by 5 pm EST and it’s needs to your most recent post for at least 3 hours. It is not required but we would also love if you would share your post in your stories.

We realize things happen so if for some reason you are unable to comply with these instructions let us know asap. If you miss a post or don’t follow our regulations we will be forced to remove you as a host for our tours!

What we look for in a host:

When we are selecting hosts we look at follower count, interaction and picture quality. We want creative, artistic accounts that are book focused and appropriate for the book featured. We will require that accounts have 1,000+ followers and we do pay attention to picture likes and comments.  We do try to vary the tours with different size accounts when possible. Please sign up for all the tours you are interested in since it will up your chances for being chosen!

Signing up:

Signing up to be a tour host is not a guarantee that you will be chosen for each and every tour you wish to participate in. When picking hosts for our tours we will take follower count into consideration but engagement, quality of photos and how active you are will also play a role. At this time due to copyright issues all of our tours will be US only accounts unless otherwise specified.

By agreeing to participate in a tour you are also agreeing to have your information (address, email address) to the publisher/author or agent.

How it works:

When a tour is open for signups we will post it here on our site and an email will be sent out to all who have signed up to be a host. We will also post it on our instagram account @storygramtours and possibly on our own individual accounts as well. Ideally we will have signups open 1-2 months before a tour is scheduled, but this may vary.

Once sign-ups are closed an email will be sent to all the hosts we select for the tour. The email will include the date and we will need a reply within 24 hours letting us know that you are still able to participate. At that time we will get your addresses and pass them along to the publishers/authors so your book can be mailed out. If you have not received your book by the week  before the tour please email us.

Roughly a week before the tour we will send out one more email with all the information you will need for your caption and post. If you are interested in becoming a host please fill out the form below:

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